Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why We Fight

If you ask many liberals, they want us to pull out of Iraq. They think that American lives are being wasted for no purpose. Yet, these people are forgetting who we are fighting. These are terrorists, not an army. They will not stop if we leave. They don't play by the rules. They will continue until all of us are dead, unless we stop them.

What is wrong with torturing people who are blowing up women and children? The only way to get some of them to talk is with torture. This doesn't mean that torture should be for every captured terrorists, just ones that know something. If a bombing gets botched, and a bomber is found alive, he knows something. He knows who helped him, where they got the bomb, what they were doing, etc. This is where torture comes in if he refuses to help us. If you feel that torture is wrong in this situation, keep in mind he was going to blow up civilians or US soldiers.

If we did pull out, the only ones cheering as loud as Al-Qaeda would be liberals. Even though we are winning, they don't care. Even though terrorists are being disowned by their families, and are shunned by their own people, we obviously are losing. And if we ignore the problem, we can go back to our fairy tale world. Because 9/11 never happened, and nothing like it can ever happen to us.

It is easy to see why we are fighting terrorists. I have often referred to them as the scum of the Earth, and have found more proof of this through the story of Malim Abdul Habib, headmaster of an Afghani school. He was stabbed, and his family was forced to watch as he was beheaded. His children were forced to watch their father be murdered in an inhumane way. And then the cowards who did this ran off. How can they make themselves any worse? They are afraid to be punished for their inexcusable actions, and rely on killing innocents because they are too afraid to risk their lives fighting in a humane matter.

The reasons behind the attack? His school taught girls as well as boys, something condemned by ignorant terrorists. Where are the liberals? Isn't this a civil rights violation? These people are too intimidated to go to school because they are women! This is sexism! Where are they now? When America does anything questionable, it is a horrible act. But they will never even think about this case. They will go on in their fairy tale land.

They won't even stand for the issues they claim they support, yet they feel they can represent us. How can these people even get elected? They have no clear agenda besides destroying us from the inside. Yet, people elect them every day. They won't stand up for their issues when it is hard, only when they can whine their way to victory. What kind of idiots are believing these people? Sorry for the name calling, but its true. How can you trust someone who gives up because something is hard to lead your country?

Terrorism won't go away unless we make it. And they won't stop until the United States of America is off the map. They are not rational people. We cannot deal with them in a logical matter. We must fight fire with fire. If they refuse to deal with us in a logical matter, then we must deal with them in an illogical matter. Let them learn from their mistakes. Perhaps if we continue to use tactics such as torture we can unnerve them enough to make them stop. Because they won't resort to logic. If they can't win with irrational ways, they will be forced to give up.


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