Friday, January 20, 2006

Time to Stop Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a topic of much debate, but little action. Everyone has an idea on it, or they just pretend it isn't a problem at all. It is hard to get any facts that might be accurate, as every study seems to favor one viewpoint. Before we try and make any decisions, shouldn't we try and get a clear look into the issue.

We look down poorly upon illegal immigrants, but we should keep something in mind. Guest worker programs still don't treat them as ordinary citizens. Shouldn't we want to let hardworking people become citizens? Many of them die just for the chance. And I know they are a lot more American already than some of the people in this country, and much more deserving of an American citizenship.

We should make a program for getting hardworking people into America. We want the best in our country. Who knows how many great minds are wasting away in a little island dictatorship or a poverty-stricken land? We should accept those who would positively contribute to America.

Now, we can't let everyone who asks in. We would get swamped too quickly. Some system has to be put in place so that immigration is at a controlled level, and not overwhelming the population. Basically, my little proposed solution is to make more legal immigration.

We can never hope to completely wipe out illegal immigration. People will try anything to get in to America. No matter what solution we propose, we must still secure the borders. Illegal immigrants aren't the only threat at the border. If so many of them can sneak by, why can't terrorists also sneak by? It is a long shot, but it could happen. We should be prepared for anything.

We don't need a Berlin wall in the twenty-first century. We have the technology. Everyone has heard of the mysteries surrounding Groom Lake and Nellis Air Force Base, better known as Area-51. While we do not know if they are true, we know that there is excellent security. Sensors and robotic cameras are able to detect intruders, and notify security forces of any possible breaches. If we have the technology, why not put it to good use?

If we have technology do the work for us, there is no need for an armada of Border Patrol officers. We could have a small outpost of four or so guards every ten to fifteen officers. This should be enough to rapidly respond to anything in the area. Thanks to helicopters, the bases could be further apart, as intruders could be tracked from the air. There are several solutions to protecting our border, right in front of us.

We have also seen a number of civilian movements. While the government frowns upon them, why should we care what they think? They have shown that so far, they are unable to come up with a solution, and want to ignore the problem. Shouldn't we do something? They support crime watches, why not border watches? The second amendment gives us the right to form militias, although we should not rely on civilians alone. The government's should not count on concerned citizens to do what it should.

So far, I have tried to show that legal immigration can help the problem, and that no matter what we do, we must still take border security seriously. The debate on if illegals contribute to society or just leech our tax dollars is up for grabs, I am not going to try and sort through all the facts to find an unbiased report. I would like to touch up on one more issue.

When the government sends little children back to the wasteland they came from, it isn't “showing that we are serious about illegal immigration.” If we were serious about illegal immigration, we would do something to stop it. We wouldn't bully little kids to look tough. Anyone remember Elián González? I bet his life is much better now in Cuba. After all, Cuba is an island paradise!

Something needs to be done on illegal immigration, soon. We can't sit and whine about it, we have to take action. Something needs to be done that will work to solve the problem. Hopefully, Washington will get serious about this issue before it becomes even more of a problem.


Anonymous Eric Simontis said...

Also, what is needed after immigration is assimilation. People who come to America should become American and not a "hyphen" American (i.e., German-American....Spanish-American), etc.

Eric Simontis

1/24/2006 10:37:00 AM  

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