Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Lesson From California

I have long thought that California is the most screwed up state, and I now even have more proof. The other day I read about Proposition H, a San Francisco ordinance that would prohibit the owning of handguns within San Francisco. Somehow, this isn't seen as a violation of the Second Amendment either.

Ownership of firearms is a right required in order to keep all other rights. Without the right to bear arms, there is nothing protecting your rights besides trust that the government will not abuse its power. If you can't own guns, and the government can, that is oppression. The government can do whatever they want to do, and you have no way to defend yourself.

When the second amendment was created, the framers of the Constitution had tyranny in mind. They weren't thinking about home invaders, like we do today. They didn't sit there and argue about the legality of shooting a criminal inside your own home. They realized that there must be some rights in place for the defense of all other rights. The second amendment does just this. It protects all our other rights, and gives us the freedom to defend ourselves as well. But we must remember that it is there to protect our rights.

If you take it away, or at least enforce it to the point where it is a non-existent right, then you have eliminated a protection for our rights. We should be able to trust our government, but I don't. A certain breed of politicians is out to destroy America, while claiming to protect our rights. These people believe in taking away gun control, but believe we should have every other right. Also, they believe we shouldn't be able to kill in self-defense, but it's okay for them to murder their children just because they don't want them.

One argument by supporters of gun control is that the government needs guns to protect us, so we don't. That is fine for them, but what if I want to defend myself? I should at least be able to have the means to defend myself in case the government fails. After all, they can't have a police officer with you wherever you go, and we have seen the way our government has brilliantly managed many projects.

The purpose of government is to defend us. Sometimes, rights must be restricted slightly so that your liberties don't infringe on the liberties of others. This is the basis for law. In a perfect government, you should be able to shoot a gun all you want, as long as you do not harm someone else or their property. Instead, our government feels the need to regulate what weapons we can have, how we can handle them, and where we can shoot them. This isn't their job. They have one job, which they still can't seem to grasp.

A government should defend its citizens. This is done on a local level through police and the National Guard, and on a world level through the armed forces. Yet, we can't have a police car and a tank follow every single person in America. Crime is bound to happen. Criminals will always exist, and they will always be ready to strike when no one is looking. We must have methods of defending ourselves, even if the government already tries too.

Hopefully, more people will realize that the very people they choose to represent them are failing. Any politician who seeks to take away all the rights of the people he represents by taking away their right to defend themselves should not be holding office in the first place. Unfortunately, these people do hold office. And they have a much larger agenda than just banning guns. More of their goals will be covered shortly, but it should already be clear that America's greatest enemy comes from within.


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