Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Hypothetical Situation

The following is a hypothetical situation. The incident described has never happened, and is being created just to prove a point.

At a convention center in Berlin, a group of terrorists perform a stunning daylight raid, kidnapping several politicians who were planning to speak that day. The group killed any bodyguards or security personnel, and sped off towards some unknown destination. Along the way, they shot several police officers attempting to pursue them.

Later that day, links were discovered to a website for a terrorist group. The group, calling itself The Shield of Liberty, claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. They released several photos showing the politicians handcuffed and dressed in makeshift prison uniforms. The website demanded that a set of economic policies be put in place, or else they would execute the politicians within the next week.

As German forces rushed to come up with some plan, more acts of violence continued. A string of unsolved drive-by shootings and bombings was now traced to the group, and media attention was put on the incident, hoping to draw more clues and bolster international support.

Investigators soon realized that a French dignitary and his aides were captured along with the politicians. France was alerted, and their embassy promised to do whatever was needed in order to ensure the release of their dignitary. As German forces rushed to come up with a strategy, people began asking questions.

“Where is France? They said they would help us!” “We need the help of the world right now! Why are they so selfish?” “Can't anyone come to our needs?” “Where is the United States? Aren't they so committed to making the world a better place?” “Can the UN work to resolve these issues?”

As the deadline approached for the drafting of the policies, it became clear that there was still no clear plan for the release of the hostages. Their location was not known, it was theorized that the group had fled Germany and was setting up headquarters somewhere else. People became furious, demanding more.

The media pushed the German Army to assist somehow. They couldn't come up with any more ways they could help, but demanded more assistance. The panic continued until the deadline was met, and graphic videos of the execution were released not only on the website of the group, but on several community portals they were associated with, such as news sites.

In the aftermath, everyone became increasing angry with Germany. They felt their country had done nothing, even though they had done all they could do. They began to find some scapegoat, may it be an official, an agency, or a country. Eventually, the incident was past, and the people figured that nothing like this would ever happen again.

I shouldn't have to explain the meaning behind this story. Pretend it was taking place in Iraq instead of Germany. Four peacekeepers from various countries were captured instead of foreign dignitaries and politicians. The world did not help the Iraqis, or the United States, which committed itself to assisting the Iraqis in their struggle for freedom. The rest of the world stood still, when the problems were plaguing them too. And of course, we didn't have the European attitude completely, it was some liberal politicians who insisted we pull out and still solve these things at the same time.


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