Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush's Address To The Nation

I wish everyone could have seen President Bush's address to the nation. He told us what we haven't heard in a while. Even though the media and many of our own leaders want us to think that this war is another Vietnam, that it has been an excessive loss of money and lives, and that we have accomplished nothing, we are winning. That was the smallest summary. We are winning, and we will continue to do whatever we need to until terrorism is no longer a threat.

Bush repeated reality to his critics. He (again) stated that he got us into this war, that it was his decision, and he stands behind it. Even though we might have been wrong about WMDs, Saddam was still supporting terrorism, menacing his people, and remained a threat to the world. Even today, he is still a threat, he just no longer has the power to menace his people directly. On a side note, isn't it ironic how in the United States, the defeatists consider an assault rifle a WMD, but it has to be a nuclear/biological device in order to be a WMD in Iraq?

Bush also showed why we are winning. The people just held their first elections, something the media hasn't really covered. I didn't see that much of it in my newspaper, at least. The people are more united than ever, and even if we are skeptical on the progress in Iraq, they believe that they are doing better than they were under Saddam's rule, and that things will continue to improve. This is what counts. The people we are helping are grateful for us saving their world, even if we aren't.

He also hinted that this war won't stop at Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorism remains a threat to the world, and ignoring it just encourages it to do more. It is better that we keep terrorists on the defensive, in their countries, then have them on the offensive in our own. They remain cowards in their tactics, but they realize that they themselves are losing. The elections show that they have lost all support of their people, and are hated by all. They are the scourge of the world, but most are too afraid to strike them down. But we aren't. We are the only ones who will stand up against evil, and years later, we will be remembered for our efforts.

We will see plenty of hypocrisy along the way. The media will now go on praising the elections, after months of doubt and messages to run away from the war. When the war is finally one, all the defeatists in Congress will try and take credit for what has happened. Even though they have tried to destroy their own country, when chosen to represent us, they will try to take credit for what they have not done. Just one unfortunate side effect of the war.

Bush also thanked those who served. Not in a media way, where they are used to promote the anti-war propaganda, but an honest thank you. He thanked all who have played a part in the war effort, for what they have already done, and what they will continue to do. 2006 will be another great year for our country. Another year of killing terrorists and spreading democracy.


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