Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vietnam War Syndrome

If you were to look back at the Vietnam War today, it would seem like there was no purpose to the war. 58,000 American men died for no reason whatsoever. Did they die for a reason when the war was going on? Yes. They were there to stop the spread of communism, and to help these poor people. It seems like a foolish war not because we went there in the first place, but because we pulled out before the job was done.

Why are liberals running around screaming that the war on terrorism is another Vietnam and that we should pull out? It will be another Vietnam if we pull out early. If we were to pull out early, they would then parade around claiming they were right, it was another Vietnam. Just the sound of the word is enough to get their flawed view across. They rally their supports using the V-word, trying to find any excuse to get us out of a war they think we shouldn't have started. They are wrong on many points.

We have seeing how terrorism affects today's world. Is something wrong when kids are brainwashed to believe America is the enemy, and they can lead the greatest life possible by fighting it and its allies? We obviously aren't dealing with a conventional enemy. Most people fear losing their lives, but we are against radicals who want to lose their lives. As long as they are alive, they pose a constant danger to the world around them. At any minute they could blow themselves up, kidnap someone, start shooting, or anything of that matter.

If we ignore the issue, it won't get any better. We have to take a stand. If we dodge the issue, it could be interpreted as us being afraid to confront the issue at hand. Our enemy won't be satisfied until America is wiped off the face of the Earth. That isn't going to happen. And like I said, they are a danger as long as they are alive. So basically, they are fighting for a cause they can never win in reality, and the only way to stop them is to end their lives before they are able to act again. There is no way to negotiate with them. Diplomacy has no rule here. Unfortunately, violence is the solution here. Not brute force, but simply violence.

How do we fight an enemy we cannot see? Our enemy does not fight battles in the open, they hide in caves and live undercover lives, until they are ready to strike. They leave behind little evidence of what they have carried out, and what they will carry out in the future. Conventional warfare tactics won't work here. You can't chain a tank to every man, woman, and child in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you can't use manpower to win. The only way to win is to gather enough intelligence to stop future attacks, and act on the intelligence in order to stop the threat.

We have learned that intelligence is sometimes wrong. It all comes down to gambling. Sometimes the intelligence is right, and lives are saved, sometimes it is wrong, and nothing happens. Other times, it was wrong and lives were lost because of it. However, it is the only way to win short of covering the Middle East with soldiers and searching every square inch of the land for terrorists. So far, we have done a decent job with this strategy. However, lives will be lost, and at some times it will seem like we are losing the fight.

If we are losing, then why are the terrorists afraid to come out in the open? Why isn't Osama parading around bragging how he defeated the infidels once and for all? It looks to me like they are the ones hiding. Why hide if you are winning? Obviously, things aren't going the way the planned.

So far, I have shown that the war on terrorism has been necessary, there are no other ways to confront the problem, we are not getting slaughtered, and we are not losing. However, there is one other very important point. Why does all of this matter? Why do we need to have reason now? We are already over there fighting, why come up with a reason for why we are over there?

Maybe we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction. So we shouldn't have gone over there. After all, Saddam is a pretty nice guy, and why should we care about what he does to his people? We can't prove that he has directly attacked the United States, all he has done is fund terrorism. What's so bad about that?

It looks like we had plenty of reasons. Just because one was wrong doesn't mean we should run away so that the liberals can claim a victory for them and Al-Qaeda. What matters is that we are in a war now. We can't go back in time and change that. We have something to do, and we can't stop fighting now. We can't pull out just because things seem a little rough at some points. Only then would we have another Vietnam.


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