Friday, November 11, 2005

In Pursuit of Freedom

Today is Veteran's Day, although you would never guess that looking at some papers. Today should be a day for us to remember all the heroes, past and present, who have answered the call when the country need them. It is also a time to remember those who have made great sacrifices in the name of freedom. And for the left, it is a time to spit on all the men who served and blame the President for their deaths.

The left tries to say that they remember all the soldiers and appreciate their sacrifice. Yet, when they blame the President for war immediately afterwards, they have just become some of the greatest hypocrites. Yes, war is a nasty thing. However, it is sometimes necessary to protect freedom.

Part of the problem is that our peace-loving liberal friends forget the value of freedom. They seem to enjoy their freedom of speech, using it to attack the great country that they live in. Yet, they forget that if they were in some countries, they would be dead right now for what they were seen. You would think they would appreciate this. But apparently, that isn't enough. I invite any liberal extremists who disagree with this to spend a month in the dictatorship of your choice. Try whining about their country, and see what happens.

We fight war in the name of freedom. When our forefathers realized the value of freedom, they decided to risk everything they had in order to grasp it. They were not even sure what kind of chance they had, yet they still risked their lives in order to secure freedom for themselves and future generations. We should see their example and apply it. Many of us know how important freedom is. It is just a few of us who don't seem to understand.

Today, we have brought freedom to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. You can complain about it all you want, but just ask the people how they feel about being free. Most of them don't want to blow themselves up at the first sight of a westerner. Most of them appreciate what we do, but you would never guess that with most of today's media sources, would you?

Look what happened in Vietnam. Do you think they appreciated communism? Look at North and South Korea. Which one is doing a lot better than the other? Which one isn't a threat to the entire world. Coincidentally, this country also has more freedoms than the other. Do I see a pattern here?

Try and name one democracy which has been a threat to the world. Pretty hard, isn't it. Name how many dictatorships have been a threat to the world. Not hard to name quite a few, is it? Democracy does so much for the entire world, yet people fail to realize just how much it does. We should be proud that we are the best country on Earth. It is all because of freedom. Look what freedom capitalism provides. It is one of the main reasons people dream of becoming American citizens. Any man who is willing to work hard can succeed.

Today has been a day to remember all those who have fought for freedom in some form or another. It is a time to remember those who have fallen fighting for the ultimate cause. We should do just this. Forget about all the causes, and remember what these men have done. They have all fought for a purpose greater than any on this planet. Why is it that people risk their lives just to make it to America? The freedoms we have. Many people would give their lives just so that their families could have some of these freedoms, yet we abuse them so much. And all of this freedom would not be possible if not for the brave men who realized just how important freedom was to their country, and gave it all for the rest of us.


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