Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Celebrate a Politically Incorrect Christmas Season

Political correctness destroying society can best be illustrated at this time of year. We get to see liberals cringe every time we mention a certain word. This word may not be what you were thinking, but it is the magical C-word. Christmas. Through political correctness, it has now become “holiday season”.

Yes, I know that other religions have significant religious holidays during December too. But Christmas is the most celebrated one. While it does have roots in Christianity, it is also celebrated by many non-Christians. The same logic that goes for most political correctness works here too: If it bothers you to think about Christmas, then don't think about it. Unfortunately, this simple solution just doesn't work for all those who have nothing better to do than write letters to newspapers saying that any store that mentions Christmas should be boycotted.

Instead, they want us to forget about Christmas. They want it to be the “holidays”. Some people might not have a problem calling it the “holidays”, but I feel like whoever says this is being brainwashed. It sounds to me too much like communism. We aren't a dictatorship, we are your “friends”. It obscures the truth through words which aren't true.

Let's sit down and evaluate my point. Obviously, the issue at hand is the use of the word Christmas. So far, everyone can agree. However, some people think that it isn't fair to call it Christmas because there are other holidays too, and not everyone celebrates Christmas. True, but most people celebrate Christmas. For some, it doesn't even have religious meaning. If you don't like religion, think of Christmas as a time to spend with friends and family and share gifts showing how much you care about each other. I see Christmas to be a much more important event, but if you will stop whining, please think of it that way. I have proposed a great compromise, and can even go as far as proving that it is indeed Christmas season.

We put up trees for Christmas. We put lights on our houses for Christmas. We take off work for Christmas. We give each other presents for Christmas. Obviously, most of what we do is for Christmas. Does anyone else see something here? Could we possibly be calling it Christmas, because that's what it really is? There are other holidays, but I don't see many people celebrating them.

Sure, it might offend these people that there holiday is ignored, but strangely, I don't see them complaining at all. I see people who don't celebrate any religion, and who don't care about any of the holidays at all telling us what is right and what is wrong. Isn't that funny? I honestly can say I have never met someone who was offended at calling it Christmas, when they celebrated some other holiday.

It looks like we don't have a hot issue for debate here, we have a bunch of people with way too much free time on their hands. Why don't these people work to cure cancer or solve world hunger? These are problems where they won't be wasting oxygen whenever they speak about them. And for everyone else, remember the golden rule about Christmas: Say it loud, say it proud.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Why Race Doesn't Affect Schooling

It seems that every liberal politician has this brilliant plan for education right now. All of them are about the same, it involves making sure that all children have an equal education. Yet, their method is political correctness. They believe that minorities and the poor don’t have a good chance at education. So they want to pour money at the problem. Brilliant.

First off, if you want to learn, you can learn. There are libraries all over the place, and if you live in the county, you can get free membership. What is to stop a kid from walking to the library? And you have to have the right attitude. I can tell you why certain people succeed in school and why some don’t.

Race has no effect on academics. If you think otherwise, show me a balanced study which proves your point. I can’t find one. Here, I can also prove minorities don’t get a poor education. Look at the Asians. They regularly work wonders on the SAT, and many are honor students. Why? Their culture. I may not be a cultural expert, but from what I have seen from most Asian cultures, they are expected to do this well. They feel shame when they don't perform as well as they should have. It’s not an insult to them to be nerds; it is an insult to be stupid.

Now, let’s look at the beliefs of most low-achievers I have known. They think that homework is stupid, and they don’t do it. They refuse to study, since they have better things to do. They can’t get As, or else they’re a nerd. If they don’t want to learn, you can’t make them. Attitude is the most important thing if you want to learn. Culture plays a large part of this.

I have looked briefly at a culture where it is expected to be a good student. Now let’s look at something that seems to trouble politically correct politicians. Why such racism against blacks in schools? The SAT obviously discriminates against them. No, I have found another reason. Rap seems to be a horrible influence. Most rap seems to be about killing cops, doing drugs, and many other illegal activities. Thugs like 50 Cent are considered to be “heroes”. Rap is mostly a black thing. I see a connection here. Do you?

In poor communities, it is possible that they are not getting a good education because their schools are not capable of providing a decent education. I recognize this, but throwing money at the problem won’t solve it. There is a reason the school isn’t doing as well as it should. This must be investigated by a committee that actually knows what they’re doing, and will work hard to get it done.

I have tried my best to show race does not affect schooling. We are all human beings, no matter what color our skin is, where we are from, or what our religion is. We all can learn if we want to. Just because I’m white doesn’t mean that I am automatically going to do better in school than all the poor people and minorities. If I want to be the best, I have to work to be the best. Most students who do poorly don’t want to be at school in the first place. We cannot brainwash them into wanting to succeed, they have to learn for themselves what it’s like to flip burgers for a living.

If I’m forgetting something, please remind me. I believe I managed to get most of the points, although there are probably many more. Or, perhaps you think race does play a role in schools, and then I can prove you wrong.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Note on The Anti-Taser Movement

You would think that the Anti-Taser movement would have died down by now, but apparently it hasn't. People still wish to whine about how Tasers are too dangerous, and how they should be banned. Just like most anti-weapons advocates, these people have no common sense whatsoever and too much free time.

A Taser can be used in place of a gun. Guns can kill people. A gun doesn't always kill people, but it can. Still, I believe the odds of being killed by a gun are much higher than the odds of being killed by a Taser. A Taster is a much less lethal alternative. People might still die, but more would be dead if guns were used in the kind of situations where Tasers are now used.

We also have to keep in mind safety. What if we make it so that the officer can only use his gun when he is shot at, and we ban Tasers to eliminate casualties? Officers could be dead before the get a chance to react, and more officers would be wounded. If the situation doesn't call for the firing of a weapon, then a Taser is perfect. If it is not used, and the officer does not fire his sidearm, there is a chance innocent bystanders or the officer could be hurt.

Just like any weapon, Tasers require training. You cannot operate a weapon until you can do so safely. Not everyone gets the best training. If everyone did have the best training, we wouldn't have accidental shootings. People would know not to ever have a gun loaded unless they are going to fire it. They would know to keep guns locked up in a safe place. But not everyone has common sense. Some people are idiots. There is where the problem lies.

How about if instead of punishing those who are trying to help others, we punish the root of the problem? We wouldn't need guns if we didn't have criminals. Stop sympathizing with criminals and stay on the side of the law. If a rapist/mugger/murderer was coming for you, would you want to have a method of defending yourself? Weapons are for self-defense, but they are a danger to all unless the operator of the weapon, whatever it may be, is competent to effectively use it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

In Pursuit of Freedom

Today is Veteran's Day, although you would never guess that looking at some papers. Today should be a day for us to remember all the heroes, past and present, who have answered the call when the country need them. It is also a time to remember those who have made great sacrifices in the name of freedom. And for the left, it is a time to spit on all the men who served and blame the President for their deaths.

The left tries to say that they remember all the soldiers and appreciate their sacrifice. Yet, when they blame the President for war immediately afterwards, they have just become some of the greatest hypocrites. Yes, war is a nasty thing. However, it is sometimes necessary to protect freedom.

Part of the problem is that our peace-loving liberal friends forget the value of freedom. They seem to enjoy their freedom of speech, using it to attack the great country that they live in. Yet, they forget that if they were in some countries, they would be dead right now for what they were seen. You would think they would appreciate this. But apparently, that isn't enough. I invite any liberal extremists who disagree with this to spend a month in the dictatorship of your choice. Try whining about their country, and see what happens.

We fight war in the name of freedom. When our forefathers realized the value of freedom, they decided to risk everything they had in order to grasp it. They were not even sure what kind of chance they had, yet they still risked their lives in order to secure freedom for themselves and future generations. We should see their example and apply it. Many of us know how important freedom is. It is just a few of us who don't seem to understand.

Today, we have brought freedom to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. You can complain about it all you want, but just ask the people how they feel about being free. Most of them don't want to blow themselves up at the first sight of a westerner. Most of them appreciate what we do, but you would never guess that with most of today's media sources, would you?

Look what happened in Vietnam. Do you think they appreciated communism? Look at North and South Korea. Which one is doing a lot better than the other? Which one isn't a threat to the entire world. Coincidentally, this country also has more freedoms than the other. Do I see a pattern here?

Try and name one democracy which has been a threat to the world. Pretty hard, isn't it. Name how many dictatorships have been a threat to the world. Not hard to name quite a few, is it? Democracy does so much for the entire world, yet people fail to realize just how much it does. We should be proud that we are the best country on Earth. It is all because of freedom. Look what freedom capitalism provides. It is one of the main reasons people dream of becoming American citizens. Any man who is willing to work hard can succeed.

Today has been a day to remember all those who have fought for freedom in some form or another. It is a time to remember those who have fallen fighting for the ultimate cause. We should do just this. Forget about all the causes, and remember what these men have done. They have all fought for a purpose greater than any on this planet. Why is it that people risk their lives just to make it to America? The freedoms we have. Many people would give their lives just so that their families could have some of these freedoms, yet we abuse them so much. And all of this freedom would not be possible if not for the brave men who realized just how important freedom was to their country, and gave it all for the rest of us.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Future of France (And Europe)

After twelve days of rioting, it looks like France finally has decided to do something. They have declared a state of emergency, although it is not yet clear what that means. They could send in the army, which might be able to do something even after its brilliant record throughout history. However, the situation does show us a glimpse of the future.

First off, this shows just how great the French government really is. They keep talking about how bad the riots are, and how they should be stopped, but they are not willing to do anything. Just like their terrorism policy. No matter how bad it gets they don't act until its much too late, and then they just try to look busy. They could have declared the state of emergency as soon as they realized things were out of control, but they kept waiting.

Riots are nothing new. They have occurred several times throughout history. Luckily, most of the damage throughout the riot so far has been of property, and not of human life, although some deaths have occurred. Still, shouldn't France be better prepared? Shouldn't they have an effective riot police for this kind of stuff? Can't their army do something, or if not, what do they actually do all day?

This riot isn't too surprising given the circumstances of France. Their economic policies have taken a toll on the people, and it is really showing now. Jobs are hard to come by, the reduced work hours ensure that nothing gets done, and the lower-class citizens aren't happy. It should be no surprise they chose to riot. No one would listen to them. If they couldn't get the government to solve their problems, what can they do? The fact that they decided to take matters into their own hands shows that there are people in Europe who are willing to do something, it is just that these people aren't in charge, so everyone gets to suffer.

It doesn't help that the riots have lost all meaning right now. Sure, it started because two kids died, even though they shouldn't have been hiding in a power substation in the first place. That was enough to start the riot. Now, they can say that African and Arab immigrants in France are ignored, and have a reason to keep fighting. It seems to me that they are rioting in part just because everyone else is doing it. Who cares if we have a good cause? Let's set some cars on fire!

Speaking of which, the economic impact is going to be tough for all. I'm not sure if it was thought of this way, but there is a clever chain of events that can damage France's economy here. If your car is a smoldering hunk of metal, you can't get to work. If you can't get to work, how do you get money? You still need money to pay the bills. And at the same time, the government is expecting you to pay high taxes to support their social programs. Isn't that great that you get to help pay for the guy who torched your car?

So now that the individuals have been ruined, the damage spreads. The government needs the tax money, so everyone else gets taxed more. So people have less money, everyone is angry at the government, they might want to join in the rioting to express their anger. There are already a lot of rioters, but imagine if the entire working class began rioting and striking. That could be on the scale of a revolution.

We know that France is almost at socialism. They are about ¾ or more of the way there, and they aren't showing any signs of stopping. According to Marx, socialism is the last step before communism. They are pretty close, and we could have a revolution here. I believe that Europe's policies will slowly strange the entire continent, and that eventually most nations will resort to communism or martial law. I never thought it could happen this soon. I thought it would be ten or fifteen years at the earliest. There is the possibility that if more people riot, a state of social unrest could exist, leading to anarchy, and who knows what will happen then.

The government has already shown they have no idea what to do and they can't offer much help. They tell the people to stay calm, and say not to form militias to defend themselves. If they can't get the government to protect them, what are they supposed to do? Should they move all their valuables outside so they are easier to steal as well? They need to come forward, admit they made some huge mistakes, and do something. They need to stop the riots using whatever force is necessary.

If they are unable to stop the riots, they will continue to spread. Human lives will begin to be targeted. More people will join. There is a small possibility this could be a new revolution in France. Even if it is not, it is a hint of what is to come in the very near future. France is only part of Europe. Still, most countries in Europe have policies like France. They are all headed in the same direction, and they should see what is in line for them. If they don't try to fix their problems now, the future doesn't look to bright for them.

Where can they start? Capitalism would be a good thing. They need to realize that controlling the economy is a bad thing, that the more you try to control companies, the less they are able to produce. Thus, they make less money, the government keeps asking for more, and you get a bunch of people without jobs, and then blame the companies for not hiring enough. Another idea: lose socialism. If people don't want to work, fine. They can starve. Don't force everyone else to pay for them. Europe is on a bad path right now, but they can fix it, if they try very hard. However, they probably will ignore everything, like they continue to do, and in the end, will end up as the People's States of Europe.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Intelligent Design, Not So Intelligent Skeptics

Science, just like academics, seems to be impaired by the bias of scientists. It is difficult to get past the strong bias, which can easily be seen in classrooms throughout any American school. Evolution seems to be the big issue. It is a theory. That means it is possible, but there is no proof saying it happened. Yet, many seem to think it is right. Personally, I think it is bogus, but that's besides the point. What matters is how it is impairing science and learning.

Evolution seems right because it isn't being challenged in the scientific world. Whenever someone challenges it, they are immediately attacked, and in the case of the school systems, a round of lawsuits by the ACLU follows any attempt to stop evolution. Even though there are other theories, we don't hear about them. I will get to my reason for this in a minute, but first I want to approach intelligent design.

Intelligent design simply states that life was created with help from a supreme intelligence. I think God created all life. Many people share this belief. But for those of you who can't stand the G-word, understand that supreme intelligence doesn't mean just God. Aliens could be really intelligent. You want to believe aliens created life? Or some random force? Go right ahead, you believe whatever you want, I'll believe God created life, and we'll put the theory in the textbooks.

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. It seems like even mentioning that evolution could be false results in an attack from the left-wing extremists who hate any kind of organized religion. The thing is, they have no conclusive proof to support evolution. I have found some proof to support intelligent design though. It is called the book of Genesis. If you are interested in it, go to a bookstore near you and pick up the Bible. That's a lot more than evolution has to offer.

So what I have observed so far is that evolution is only the top theory because those who support it will attack and make great attempts to destroy any other theories presented. Now, why would they want to do this? Sure, it could be because all the time they spend praising evolution is earning them money. What it all comes down to is discrimination against religion.

Religion and science are opposites. They rarely get along, and each one threatens the others existence. I believe some middle ground can be found to satisfy both groups. Compromise is what makes our country so great, why not apply it here? But unfortunately, science has the backing of the left wing, which hates religion. Most right-wingers don't hate science, and that's where the problem is.

The left-wing extremists want to destroy religion. If you don't believe me, look at the ACLU. What constructive things have they ever accomplished? Trying to change the national anthem, destroy the Boy Scouts, and sue anyone who disagrees with them doesn't seem too constructive to me. Because intelligent design could just possibly go with God, they must destroy it. I presented a compromise, but will they accept it? No, they won't look at any viewpoints besides their own. So here we are at the start again.

So even though there are solutions, none of them will be accepted. Even though intelligent design doesn't necessarily have to do with God if you don't want to look at it that way, they won't move. Once again, we see how the left hurts America in many ways. It halts scientific progress, prevents everyone else from learning different possibilities as to how we were created, and attempts to stop religion.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vietnam War Syndrome

If you were to look back at the Vietnam War today, it would seem like there was no purpose to the war. 58,000 American men died for no reason whatsoever. Did they die for a reason when the war was going on? Yes. They were there to stop the spread of communism, and to help these poor people. It seems like a foolish war not because we went there in the first place, but because we pulled out before the job was done.

Why are liberals running around screaming that the war on terrorism is another Vietnam and that we should pull out? It will be another Vietnam if we pull out early. If we were to pull out early, they would then parade around claiming they were right, it was another Vietnam. Just the sound of the word is enough to get their flawed view across. They rally their supports using the V-word, trying to find any excuse to get us out of a war they think we shouldn't have started. They are wrong on many points.

We have seeing how terrorism affects today's world. Is something wrong when kids are brainwashed to believe America is the enemy, and they can lead the greatest life possible by fighting it and its allies? We obviously aren't dealing with a conventional enemy. Most people fear losing their lives, but we are against radicals who want to lose their lives. As long as they are alive, they pose a constant danger to the world around them. At any minute they could blow themselves up, kidnap someone, start shooting, or anything of that matter.

If we ignore the issue, it won't get any better. We have to take a stand. If we dodge the issue, it could be interpreted as us being afraid to confront the issue at hand. Our enemy won't be satisfied until America is wiped off the face of the Earth. That isn't going to happen. And like I said, they are a danger as long as they are alive. So basically, they are fighting for a cause they can never win in reality, and the only way to stop them is to end their lives before they are able to act again. There is no way to negotiate with them. Diplomacy has no rule here. Unfortunately, violence is the solution here. Not brute force, but simply violence.

How do we fight an enemy we cannot see? Our enemy does not fight battles in the open, they hide in caves and live undercover lives, until they are ready to strike. They leave behind little evidence of what they have carried out, and what they will carry out in the future. Conventional warfare tactics won't work here. You can't chain a tank to every man, woman, and child in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you can't use manpower to win. The only way to win is to gather enough intelligence to stop future attacks, and act on the intelligence in order to stop the threat.

We have learned that intelligence is sometimes wrong. It all comes down to gambling. Sometimes the intelligence is right, and lives are saved, sometimes it is wrong, and nothing happens. Other times, it was wrong and lives were lost because of it. However, it is the only way to win short of covering the Middle East with soldiers and searching every square inch of the land for terrorists. So far, we have done a decent job with this strategy. However, lives will be lost, and at some times it will seem like we are losing the fight.

If we are losing, then why are the terrorists afraid to come out in the open? Why isn't Osama parading around bragging how he defeated the infidels once and for all? It looks to me like they are the ones hiding. Why hide if you are winning? Obviously, things aren't going the way the planned.

So far, I have shown that the war on terrorism has been necessary, there are no other ways to confront the problem, we are not getting slaughtered, and we are not losing. However, there is one other very important point. Why does all of this matter? Why do we need to have reason now? We are already over there fighting, why come up with a reason for why we are over there?

Maybe we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction. So we shouldn't have gone over there. After all, Saddam is a pretty nice guy, and why should we care about what he does to his people? We can't prove that he has directly attacked the United States, all he has done is fund terrorism. What's so bad about that?

It looks like we had plenty of reasons. Just because one was wrong doesn't mean we should run away so that the liberals can claim a victory for them and Al-Qaeda. What matters is that we are in a war now. We can't go back in time and change that. We have something to do, and we can't stop fighting now. We can't pull out just because things seem a little rough at some points. Only then would we have another Vietnam.