Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Supreme Court Agenda

This is kind of old news, but I have been meaning to get my two cents on the issue published since I heard about it. Anyways, we all know, or should know, that Harriet Miers is out. That was probably expected. She just didn't appeal to a large amount of people. Even though she would have done what was needed, people want someone more experienced.

I honestly don't think experience is a big deal. She was an evangelical Christian, and that should be enough. We want to declare abortion unconstitutional. For those who support abortion, also known as legal murder, I would like you to show me exactly where the Constitution mentions that abortion is constitutional. If you can find that, I bet you can find where it was interpreted as declaring slavery constitutional. Wait a minute... Slavery is horrible! Isn't abortion horrible too?

The concept of killing an innocent person already causes an uproar, or at least it should. Whenever a single civilian casualty is reported in Iraq, it's fine, unless we were responsible. When a little child is killed it should create an uproar, unless it happens through abortion. Then it's okay. It is never a good thing when people must die. Yet, abortion is fine, and the suicide bombers aren't enough of a reason to continue fighting the insurgency.

God believes abortion is wrong. He said it, and that should settle it. God says that he knows us each by name before birth. You say that there is no way to prove that there is life in the fetus? God just proved it, yet you don't believe it. Abortion is murder. You can't look at it any other way. It has drawn enough attention. It is time to end it once and for all, and that's why we need a religious nominee. We can set this right, and hopefully some more issues.

Maybe Miers wasn't the best choice. Now we can appoint someone even more right-wing. The democrats will complain, but wouldn't they appoint a liberal if they had the chance? They need to stop whining and realize they lost. The President has the power. He can choose whoever he wants. Now we can find the ideal nominee, who can solve all our issues.

So we know there are candidates who can better suit conservatives. There is one more thing relating to this issue I would like to bring up, democrats saying it was the fault of the right wing extremists for the withdrawal of Miers. The people who will scream bloody murder at whoever we nominate who isn't a liberal are saying its our fault. Some people would call me a right-wing extremist. It wasn't our fault, it was theirs too. I think she could have gotten the job done, but that there is more we could look for.

The leftists have no right to call us extremists. Our party is quite functional, as shown by all we have accomplished, and the fact that we have stayed in power. There party isn't too functional. Their political leaders must struggle to appeal to not only the average democrat, but also the nutjob liberal extremists who have no goals but to destroy our country. Kind of ironic, isn't it?

Now we get to find another nominee. Then we have to get past the liberal senators who will try to block the nomination, even though they shouldn't have any right to. Why do we need a 2/3 vote? I thought it was the President's job to appoint justices. Not the Senate's job. They whine about us having a secret agenda. Everyone has a hidden agenda. No human being can have no opinion. Everyone has an opinion on something. They have hidden agendas too. We can see there agendas in action throughout Europe. Why don't they shut up and let some business get done, before we end up in a complete state of disarray thanks to their brilliant political decisions?


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