Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A letter to Mike Luckovich

Thank you for just spitting on the names of 2,000 men braver than you. Looking at your cartoon today, I cannot tell how disgusted I am with you. When asked to explain it, you would probably call it a tribute. However, tributes are supposed to bring honor. Your editorial brought no honor to any of these men, and made them pawns in your game.

These men sacrificed their lives in order to secure freedom for millions of people. Many more will join them. These men are true heroes. They gave their lives, willingly, for a cause they believed in. When their country asked for them to serve, they answered the call. They did the one deed Jesus taught us was the greatest of all: Giving your life for your friend. They gave their life for every man in this country, as well as every single innocent being in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You want to know exactly why these men lost their lives? Because they believed in this cause. They joined the armed forces out of their own free will. They were not conscripted, and they knew that at any time, they could be called up to serve their country. This is why they are heroes. They made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and for a cause they believed in.

That answers why these 2,000 men lost their lives: willingly. Now, maybe you are wondering why we went to war. Simply due to the fact that terrorists struck us in our homeland. They took over a thousand lives in one day. Not in a war that has lasted a little over two years. And these people were innocent. They didn't know that there was a danger that a plane would crash into their building. They were ordinary people, just like most of us. And I have heard some people say the only reason they support the war is that firefighters and policemen were killed in those attacks.

If a close relative of yours was killed in an act of terrorism, along with may others as well as the men who have sworn to protect others, would you want to get revenge somehow? Or would you sit there and wait for it to happen again? I think you would want to stop it from ever happening again. No person was ever meant to go through this, and the people who carry out these attacks can only be called human beings in the biological sense.

We came to Iraq and Afghanistan with a job to do. We knew it wasn't going to be easy. This isn't a traditional war. Our opponents are not bound by any international treaties. Imagine what would happen to us if our army used car bombs or kidnapped civilians and beheaded them to try and strike fear into our enemies. When they do it, no one seems to mind. What kind of injustice is this? These men needs to be punished.

Don't try and tell me to love thy neighbor either. If these men are willing to forgive themselves, I will forgive them. It isn't easy, but it is the right thing to do. However, most of these men are fanatics. They see no reason to stop. We are the enemy, and we are only good dead. We have seen that they have no regard for their own lives. They are willing to lose it as long as it is for their cause. The only thing that will stop them is death itself. And our they really our neighbors? What about all the people harassed daily in these lands? We are helping them.

Now you will try and tell me that the Iraqis were better under Saddam Hussein. I'm confident you are right. They loved not being able to speak against their government due to fear of torture and death, and they loved the endless power of their dictator. They hate the fact that the government is theirs to control now. They hate being able to have freedoms they never before had.

This is only the start. We have several other opponents who support terrorism. Iran is probably the next stop. We have a mission to do. It is a mission for every American citizen, to make life better for future generations, so they do not have to witness the hideous crimes committed by these terrorist groups today. Unfortunately, lives will be lost. These men should be remembered as heroes of freedom.

Most people honor them. You use them in your anti-war message. 2,000 men sacrificed their life for your country, and you try to go against all they fought for. Want to know why everyone hates Vietnam? Because 58,000 lives were lost for apparently no reason. If we had stayed and fought, these men would have died to protect democracy. If we pull out of the war on terrorism, these 2,000 men will have died for no reason. Why? Because of people like you.

Thank you for doing so much to support our country. Every American has been called upon to serve. Some of us are destined to serve through the armed forces. Those of us who aren't still have to support our troops and our country. If you would like to move to France, I am sure that we could all work together to get you a passport and a one-way ticket. We would be glad to.

If you don't like the war, that's great. We did what we have to. Maybe casualties would be lower if other countries supported us. But by not acting, they have given in to terrorism. Terrorists do not want anything but fear in response to their attacks. Most countries have proved themselves cowards. And what if we pulled out of World War II because there were too many casualties? Why is this any different? Aren't we liberating countries from a great evil? One day we will all look back at this war and see how the world was made a better place by the brave sacrifices of these 2,000 men.


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