Saturday, October 29, 2005

Editorial to The AJC

Sorry that I haven't been able to post in a few days. Until I can get some better stuff out later today, here is an editorial I sent in to the AJC a few days ago, regarding gun manufacturer liability lawsuits.

In response to your editorial "A Bullet in Our Hearts", published
yesterday, your logic endangers the right for citizens to defend
themselves. If an intoxicated man gets behind the wheel and causes an
accident, can the car company be held accountable for the damage done?
Then why should a gun company be responsible for gun deaths? The
solution to all the shooting related deaths is education for shooters.
Some gun owners are incompetent to own and operate a firearm, and they
need to be taught proper gun safety in order to eliminate their status
as a threat to society.

Also, the CDC lists only 762 unintentional gun deaths. These are the
number to pay attention to, not crimes. Criminals will always find some
weapon, even if it isn't a gun. Cars killed 44,068 unintentionally in
2002, more than all gun deaths. Why don't we ban cars instead?


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