Monday, May 01, 2006

Missing in Action: Patriotism

What ever happened to patriotism? Since the mid-20th century, American culture has begun to slowly decline. Starting with the freedom movement of the hippies in the sixties and seventies, it slowly progressed to today, where the progress is continued under the less-radical disguise of liberalism. Slowly, a group of extremists works to undermine American values and replace them with their own foolish viewpoints.

The illegal immigration protests have shown a complete disregard for the American flag. Once a sacred symbol, it is now freely burned and disgraced, and few seem to care about it. Slowly, the immigrants are attacking the symbols of America, now choosing to disregard our Anthem. We speak English in this county. Not Spanish. If you have a problem with that, I am sure no one will protest to you going back to Mexico.

Once upon a time it was expected that everyone showed respect for their country. People took their hats off for the national anthem while it was sung in English. People treated the flag with reverence. It seems that is the world of yesterday. Hating your country is all the rage, and the more of a scene you can make of it, the better.

Ironically, many of the people calling themselves American citizens who insist on bashing their country don't want to move away. They hate America so much, but they still want to stay. If you hate America, that's fine. Everyone is entitled to a viewpoint. But stick with it if you have it. Don't hate America up to a point. Hate us all the way. Nothing sickens me more than political hypocrisy, which is far too common today.

If these ashamed Americans wish to leave the country, I say allow them too. I would even go as far as helping them leave the country. Every year, thousands risk their lives to seek a better life in America. How many people would risk their life for the American dream? I would much rather call them my fellow countrymen than some of the scum in this country. They are ashamed to be an American, and the rest of us are ashamed about it too.

What Geometry Teaches Us About the Constitution

What can math teach us about the Constitution? Geometry has several postulates and axioms which are assumed and never proven. This could also be applied to the Constitution if you think about it. The Constitution never lists a right to life for the common person. It is mentioned that the life of a criminal may not be taken away without due process of the law, and that no State can deprive the life of a person.

You would think that would be enough for the abortion crowd to see their mistakes. The states cannot make any law depriving the life of a person. Abortion clearly deprives a person of not only their life, but also their liberty. Of course, the abortion on demand crowd will then say the fetus isn't living. Still, this is clear proof right here, or so it seems.

Shouldn't a right to life be in the Constitution? What good are your rights if you are dead? Our rights are protected from oppression by the government, but none of them work unless you are alive. Try speaking out against the government when you are dead. Or fighting back. And if you find a way to put a dead man on trial, perhaps we could save some time with Saddam.

Could it be that the creators of the Constitution created a loophole, and our government is free to oppress us through death? Or is it that they considered the right to life so blindingly obvious that it was not worth mentioning? I am no Constitutional scholar, but I think they saw it as the latter. Back to geometry, there are several axioms which everything is build upon. The postulates could be seen as the Bill of Rights, everything is built upon them. Our laws, the theories, are built upon the postulates. Still, there are several additions which are assumed common notions.

Euclid determined some statements to be common notions. This includes the whole being larger than the part, equals added to equals result in an equal sum, and so on. Doesn't this seem pretty obvious? Could it be that the Constitution has some common notions, such as the right to life?

I'm not sure anyone else has ever looked at it this way, but I hope I got some minds thinking today. Without the right to life, the Constitution is null and void? Isn't it assumed already that all citizens have a right to life, in order to be governed by the Constitution in the first place?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Time to Stop Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a topic of much debate, but little action. Everyone has an idea on it, or they just pretend it isn't a problem at all. It is hard to get any facts that might be accurate, as every study seems to favor one viewpoint. Before we try and make any decisions, shouldn't we try and get a clear look into the issue.

We look down poorly upon illegal immigrants, but we should keep something in mind. Guest worker programs still don't treat them as ordinary citizens. Shouldn't we want to let hardworking people become citizens? Many of them die just for the chance. And I know they are a lot more American already than some of the people in this country, and much more deserving of an American citizenship.

We should make a program for getting hardworking people into America. We want the best in our country. Who knows how many great minds are wasting away in a little island dictatorship or a poverty-stricken land? We should accept those who would positively contribute to America.

Now, we can't let everyone who asks in. We would get swamped too quickly. Some system has to be put in place so that immigration is at a controlled level, and not overwhelming the population. Basically, my little proposed solution is to make more legal immigration.

We can never hope to completely wipe out illegal immigration. People will try anything to get in to America. No matter what solution we propose, we must still secure the borders. Illegal immigrants aren't the only threat at the border. If so many of them can sneak by, why can't terrorists also sneak by? It is a long shot, but it could happen. We should be prepared for anything.

We don't need a Berlin wall in the twenty-first century. We have the technology. Everyone has heard of the mysteries surrounding Groom Lake and Nellis Air Force Base, better known as Area-51. While we do not know if they are true, we know that there is excellent security. Sensors and robotic cameras are able to detect intruders, and notify security forces of any possible breaches. If we have the technology, why not put it to good use?

If we have technology do the work for us, there is no need for an armada of Border Patrol officers. We could have a small outpost of four or so guards every ten to fifteen officers. This should be enough to rapidly respond to anything in the area. Thanks to helicopters, the bases could be further apart, as intruders could be tracked from the air. There are several solutions to protecting our border, right in front of us.

We have also seen a number of civilian movements. While the government frowns upon them, why should we care what they think? They have shown that so far, they are unable to come up with a solution, and want to ignore the problem. Shouldn't we do something? They support crime watches, why not border watches? The second amendment gives us the right to form militias, although we should not rely on civilians alone. The government's should not count on concerned citizens to do what it should.

So far, I have tried to show that legal immigration can help the problem, and that no matter what we do, we must still take border security seriously. The debate on if illegals contribute to society or just leech our tax dollars is up for grabs, I am not going to try and sort through all the facts to find an unbiased report. I would like to touch up on one more issue.

When the government sends little children back to the wasteland they came from, it isn't “showing that we are serious about illegal immigration.” If we were serious about illegal immigration, we would do something to stop it. We wouldn't bully little kids to look tough. Anyone remember Elián González? I bet his life is much better now in Cuba. After all, Cuba is an island paradise!

Something needs to be done on illegal immigration, soon. We can't sit and whine about it, we have to take action. Something needs to be done that will work to solve the problem. Hopefully, Washington will get serious about this issue before it becomes even more of a problem.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Social Security Reform

One big issue that seems to have largely disappeared from media coverage lately is social security. Changes have been proposed, but nothing has happened. Old-timers don't want to change the system, although it is time for a change. The government should not be held responsible for the welfare of everyone, everyone should be responsible for their own welfare. It isn't that hard either.

Social security takes up 6.2 percent of your paycheck. If you earn $40,000 a year, that means $2480 is taken from you for social security. If you work for forty years, you will have accumulated $99200. If you save an additional two percent of your paycheck, you save $800, for an additional $32000 over forty years. Add that to the original balance, and you have $131,200.

The average retired worker gets $895 a month in Social Security payments, taken from the 2000 Census. If you put 8.2% of your paycheck in savings, without contributing to Social Security, you would have 146 months worth of payments, or a little over twelve years. Now, that doesn't seem like a lot.

Keep in mind that I didn't add interest to that. If you put your money in the bank, you will at least get some interest. If you invest your money, you can get a little more, also. And if your employer provides you with some sort of retirement compensation, that's more money. If you invest privately, than you never have to worry about your money not being available when you need it, because millions of others aren't using your account also.

So why not just get rid of social security? This quick figures show that a private investment can help you get by just fine. Sure, some people are disabled, but why not let charity take care of them? Instead of social security, set up a tax free donation system to help these people. Whenever you contribute, the money you contributed is taken from your taxes, up to x percent of your paycheck. This way, people will be happy to contribute, and the system helps those who need it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why We Fight

If you ask many liberals, they want us to pull out of Iraq. They think that American lives are being wasted for no purpose. Yet, these people are forgetting who we are fighting. These are terrorists, not an army. They will not stop if we leave. They don't play by the rules. They will continue until all of us are dead, unless we stop them.

What is wrong with torturing people who are blowing up women and children? The only way to get some of them to talk is with torture. This doesn't mean that torture should be for every captured terrorists, just ones that know something. If a bombing gets botched, and a bomber is found alive, he knows something. He knows who helped him, where they got the bomb, what they were doing, etc. This is where torture comes in if he refuses to help us. If you feel that torture is wrong in this situation, keep in mind he was going to blow up civilians or US soldiers.

If we did pull out, the only ones cheering as loud as Al-Qaeda would be liberals. Even though we are winning, they don't care. Even though terrorists are being disowned by their families, and are shunned by their own people, we obviously are losing. And if we ignore the problem, we can go back to our fairy tale world. Because 9/11 never happened, and nothing like it can ever happen to us.

It is easy to see why we are fighting terrorists. I have often referred to them as the scum of the Earth, and have found more proof of this through the story of Malim Abdul Habib, headmaster of an Afghani school. He was stabbed, and his family was forced to watch as he was beheaded. His children were forced to watch their father be murdered in an inhumane way. And then the cowards who did this ran off. How can they make themselves any worse? They are afraid to be punished for their inexcusable actions, and rely on killing innocents because they are too afraid to risk their lives fighting in a humane matter.

The reasons behind the attack? His school taught girls as well as boys, something condemned by ignorant terrorists. Where are the liberals? Isn't this a civil rights violation? These people are too intimidated to go to school because they are women! This is sexism! Where are they now? When America does anything questionable, it is a horrible act. But they will never even think about this case. They will go on in their fairy tale land.

They won't even stand for the issues they claim they support, yet they feel they can represent us. How can these people even get elected? They have no clear agenda besides destroying us from the inside. Yet, people elect them every day. They won't stand up for their issues when it is hard, only when they can whine their way to victory. What kind of idiots are believing these people? Sorry for the name calling, but its true. How can you trust someone who gives up because something is hard to lead your country?

Terrorism won't go away unless we make it. And they won't stop until the United States of America is off the map. They are not rational people. We cannot deal with them in a logical matter. We must fight fire with fire. If they refuse to deal with us in a logical matter, then we must deal with them in an illogical matter. Let them learn from their mistakes. Perhaps if we continue to use tactics such as torture we can unnerve them enough to make them stop. Because they won't resort to logic. If they can't win with irrational ways, they will be forced to give up.